...Humboldt County's Definitive Music Source
Humboldt County's Definitive Music Source
June 22
10:18 AM PST

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Local Streaming,Songwriting / Theory,Music Biz,Contracts/Booking,Do-It-Yourself,Software,Charts/Tabs/Lyrics,Guitar,Sax,Gear / Parts,Misc,Lessons,etc.!
Local Streaming(8)
Songwriting / Theory(10)
Music Biz(21)
Gear / Parts(16)
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Add your Directory Listing | Edit your Listing | Build an website (and post your music) | Link to Us

Add your Directory listing:
  1. Go to and click on "Add to Directory"
  2. Type in all the information that you want people to see. You may enter a "button" graphic (either a JPG or GIF, about 140x75 pixels) for your listing, by clicking "Browse" to find the picture on your computer.
  3. After you're done, click "Submit Info" at the bottom of the page.

Your listing will be activated within 24 hours.

Edit your Directory Listing:
  1. Find your listing (go to "search" and type in your listing name)
  2. Go to the bottom of your listing page and click "edit this listing"
  3. Submit your password
  4. Click on "Edit your Listing"
  5. Modify your information and click "submit."

…Build/Edit a website on
  • Note: Only "artists" (bands, musicians, etc) receive a free webpage. If you are a "resource" (business, festival, etc) please contact us for information about how to get a webpage on
  • Cookies must be enabled for many of the site configuration features to work properly.
  1. If you haven't entered your Directory listing, do so (see above).
  2. Find your listing (go to "search" and type in your listing name)
  3. Go to the bottom of your listing page and click "edit this listing"
  4. Submit your password
  5. Click on "Edit your custom website"
  6. Use the "color picker" charts to choose your colors (text, links, backgrounds,etc). Use the "Font style" drop-down menu to select a font for your pages. Click "see how it looks." You may upload images for your background, your "header," or your "front page" image by clicking on the links below the color pickers. When you're done selecting colors, click "continue."
  7. Choose from the link menu on the left to access and modify your website's content:

    Link Menu from your
    Website Administration page:
    Website Admin Navigation
    • Upload Images: Upload photos or graphics for your front page, background, and header. Opens in a new window; after you upload, hit "refresh" on your admin page to see the changes.
    • Edit Name, Title, Description: Modify your Humboldtmusic Listing, including contact info and small "button" graphic for rotation.
    • Manage Songs: Enter Lyrics*, the "Story behind the song*," writing/performance credits, etc. Then you may upload an Mp3 and set the permissions (okay to download, streaming only, etc.) Note: Businesses will see a "manage coupons" link instead
    • Activate/Deactivate Calendar: Toggles the "gigs" link on and off. When the calendar is "activated," your visitors may click on the gigs link and see a list of all of the HM calendar's events which have your name in their title, description, or keywords. (businesses: "Gigs" becomes "events")
    • Press: Type or paste the text that will appear on your "Press" page. The "Press" link will only appear on your site after some content is entered through the "press" form.*
    • Front Page Text: Appears below your front page graphic and caption.*
    • Edit Text & page colors: Modify the "color scheme" of your website; font color, link color, backgrounds. here you may also modify the font face used on your site.
    • Edit QuickURL: Whatever word you enter into this form will be in the URL you can give out to people to get them to your website at, i.e.: ""
    • Edit Search Term: Modify the keyword(s) used to search the HumboldtMusic calendar for your events via your page's "gigs" link. By default, your name (as it appears in the directory) is used, but sometimes events will be missed (if an event doesn't use all the words in your listing name, if your name is misspelled in the event description, etc.). If you think there is a search term that is more "foolproof" than your listing name for finding all of your events, use the "searchterm" feature, otherwise, leave it blank.
    • View WebPage: Open the "live" version of your site in a new window, so you see what the public sees. Hit "refresh" on the live site whenever you make a change from your admin page.
    • Log Out: Signs you off, so the next person playing with your computer can't access your website management features.

    *NEW: you can now edit your text interactively using our WYSIWYG editor!

    Link to Us:

    Thank you for your support! To place a link on your website:
    1.Select a graphic you like
    2.Copy the HTML code located below it into your webpage source. The music source for Humboldt County The music source for Humboldt County

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